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Since 1999, we at Personal Mastery Resources (PMR) has worked with both public & private sector clients to help their employees  thrive in a VUCA world, through market relevant learning experiences. We focus on behaviour change & results, not just training.

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About our Founder, Han Kok Kwang

1. Empowered over 100,000 individuals in their career journey;
Donated over $110,000 (after $ for $ matching by the Government) to Charities, and a School through the sale of his books.

2. Wrote 2 Bestsellers, “No Job? No Problem!” & “So what if you don’t have a Degree?” that inspired thousands of readers

3. 3x cannot get through A levels! Driven to academic excellence over the next 30 years, earning 30 certifications including an MBA & PhD.

5. 5 Awards of Excellence from diverse professional associations:
1997: Won National HR Professional of the Year Award with his Team, by Singapore Human Resource Institute
2002: Won the Inaugural National Life Long Learner Award, by Ministry of Manpower & MediaCorp
2017: Won the Best Personal Brand Award (Entrepreneur category), by Marketing Institute of Singapore
2019: Won the Outstanding Educator of Career Professionals Award, by Asia Pacific Career Development Association
2021: Awarded Professor Emeritus by the Oxbridge Institute of Professional Development (UK)

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