GCDF & CCSP Instructor Program

GCDF/CCSP Train-The-Trainer Program: 

Train the Next Generation of Internationally Certified Career Professionals!

  • GCDF: Global Career Development Facilitator (Center for Credentialing & Education, US)
  • CCSP: Certified Career Services Provider (National Career Development Association, US)

According to a  LinkedIn survey:

1 in 3 employees plan to ditch jobs in less than a year

2 in 5 are uncertain about staying in their current role

42%, are interested in job opportunities elsewhere (higher than the 30% global average)

Not all Instructor Programs are created equal. Do your due diligence. Join us in our Quest to build a core team of Gold Standard Instructors so that we can empower motivated individuals around the world to build rewarding careers.

Fact #1:

Over 2,000 career practitioners in Singapore are "certified", but few are market savvy or client-centric. Most of them are employees who have to follow the hiring organizational agenda. 

Fact #2:

Out of 2,000+ practitioners, only 100+ have earned & maintained their US GCDF Credential, the Gold Standard in Career Development Facilitation awarded by the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE, US). Currently, local career certifications are only valid locally. They are not recognised by NCDA or CCE for credentialing purposes.

Fact #3:

Out of 100+ US GCDFs, over 70% are trained by Han Kok Kwang, Founder of Personal Mastery Resources. Han is the #1 Trainer of US GCDFs since 2010 and is the 1st & only Singaporean NCDA Master Trainer in Asia. To cope with a VUCA environment, it is timely for Han to train more Instructors so that together, we can equip 10 million people around the world to build rewarding careers!

Becoming an Instructor  

The 6 qualifications needed to be accepted for an NCDA Instructor Certification Workshop are:

1. Career Development Expertise

Must fulfill ONE of the following categories:

Master's or Doctoral degree in Counseling with

  • Coursework in career development, vocational assessment AND
  • Practicum/internship with major career emphasis AND
  • Minimum of 3 years of career development experience (teaching, training, materials development or practice) OR
  • Minimum of 3 years of delivery of career development services (working with individuals or groups to assist them with career planning and seeking employment)

OR Master's degree in a field such as Human Resource Development, Psychology or Education with

  • 5 years’ experience in career development or delivery of career development services
  • Recent continuing education related to career development
  • Presentations and/or published books/training materials related to career development

OR Bachelor's degree in a field such as Human Resource Development, Psychology or Education with

  • 5 years’ experience in career development or delivery of career development services
  • Recent continuing education in career development
  • Presentations and/or published books/training materials related to career development
2. Training Expertise

Must fulfill ONE of the following categories:

  • Has a minimum of 3 years’ experience teaching/training adults AND
  • Has taught career-related counselor education courses at the college or university level OR
  • Has taught career development courses at the college or university level OR
  • Has conducted broad, in-depth, career development staff training within a corporate, school, or government setting.
3. eLearning Skills and Experience

All Instructors will receive training in the delivery of the curriculum via eLearning. It is critical that instructor applicants have the basic skills and equipment listed below. Required Computer Equipment (own or have regular access to:)

  • A DVD drive (The current eLearning DVD is only PC Compatible)
  • Stable, secure and fast Internet access
  • A secure, protected firewall and secure backup system
  • Own email account
  • Audio capability
  • Printer
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download)
  • Windows Media or Real Player
  • Word processing program (MS Word preferred)
  • Sufficient Memory (256MB Ram or more)
  • MS Windows version 98 or higher
Required Technical Skills
  • Effectively navigate the Internet
  • Understand terms such as mouse, drag, open, select, file, choose, double click, download, upload, send, etc.
  • Send, open, reply to, forward, and attach an email message
  • Word process documents
  • Demonstrate confidence in technology troubleshooting abilities or have access to technology support
  • Has licenses/certifications related to counseling, career counseling and career development
  • Has memberships and/or leadership experiences in professional associations involved in counseling, career development and/or training
  • Holds a CCSP credential
Professional Contributions
  • Has done presentations at conferences/conventions and written publications related to career development or education/training
  • Has developed materials (client, program, training materials, journal articles)
  • A statement of exactly how you will use the training to develop and deliver a program to train OR
  • A letter from an administrator or manager supporting applicant's plan for training

If you do not meet the above qualifications, please contact Han to discuss your qualifications.

Why get certified by Han & Personal Mastery Resources (PMR)? 

  1. 1
    This Program is offered by PMR & NCDA, the first, longest running and preeminent career development association in the world. NCDA was founded in 1913.
  2. 2
    If you go all in, we will support and help you earn your Instructor Credential, all the way.
  3. 3
    Han, your Instructor, is the 1st & only Singaporean to be certified NCDA International Master Trainer in Asia. He is a successful workforce development professional with over 30 years’ experience and was a pioneer in Singapore's career development scene since the Ministry of Manpower started career service centres in the year 2000.

*Don’t take our word for it. Preview the program through the experiences of our FCD participants on the Testimonials page or simply Google us:)

To get certified as a GCDF/CCSP Instructor and develop career facilitators to empower more lives, contact Han today at haninc@singnet.com.sg

Possible Testimonials from your future program participants

I benefitted from the FCD Program because it helped me gain a holistic view of career planning and development for different people, not just for students but working adults. The training provided a comprehensive appreciation of the FCD system, tools, processes and resources which enabled me to be more proficient in leading my university career services and future developments.

For a new career coach, I found the FCD Program professionally put together with a step-by- step process, which practically guarantees the learning outcomes. Each lesson builds and expand on core concepts to completion. The trainer’s methodologies is concise and efficient in delivering the necessary information. This is definitely an excellent experience. I would recommend this course to all aspiring GCDFs

-The competency-based curriculum of the FCD course provided me with many practical ideas and tools in my professional practice in the field of Career Guidance and Development. For a lack of a unified approach to the training of career development practitioners, the FCD course can bridge the gap in levelling up the professionalism in this field. Backed by strong fundamentals and thought leadership from the National Career Development Association (NCDA), the GCDF certification is indeed a professional development opportunity not to be missed.

-I am a lecturer and a teacher mentor to a group of polytechnic students. I signed up for this workshop to acquire guidance on how to be an effective career facilitator to my students. Although I have many years of experience advising students, I still find it challenging as I have no practical tools and effective skill to assist my students. With the practical cases, new tools introduced in class and the 40 hours project, I have gained new knowledge and skills and am more confident now in facilitating career choices. The guidance given by the Instructor and the sharing of experiences from my fellow course mates has opened up my box to see many possibilities in this field. I believe I can make a difference to my students and give more guidance or direction in their career choices.

-I entered this workshop with an exploratory mindset because I was still uncertain if I were to embark on the career coaching path. Through the practical activities and guidance given during the workshop, I gradually gained confidence. Especially with the practice cases and 40-hour project, where I benefited greatly by applying my new-gained knowledge and skills and derive satisfaction when I realised that I can make a difference to my students!