Why Work With Us

Since 1999, we at Personal Mastery Resources (PMR) has worked with both public & private sector clients to help their employees  thrive in a VUCA world, through market relevant learning experiences. We focus on behaviour change & results, not just training.

About our Founder, Han Kok Kwang

Han Kok Kwang is the 1st & Only NCDA (US) Master Trainer in Asia for professional career facilitator Certification. He is also a Top-Rated Career Transition Facilitator with over 30 years’ successful experience as senior corporate manager & career entrepreneur. Han has empowered more than 100,000 individuals of 21 nationalities in their successful career transition through his books and programs. 

A man of action, Han’s personal strive speaks louder than any advertisements. Despite massive academic setbacks in his youth, he's bounced back & gone on to earn the highest academic credentials possible. Han is a strong advocate of performance over paper & has won multiple National Professional Awards for Excellence, namely

  • Youngest National Human Resource Professional of the Year Award, 1997
  • Inaugural National Life Long Learner Award, 2002
  • MIS Best Personal Brand Award (Entrepreneur), 2017 and
  • Asia Pacific Outstanding Educator of Career Professionals Award, 2019.

He brings the same Attitude to Excellence when he works with you.

Han is also a Successful Author of 6 career management books. He has raised over $80,000 with his books for Charities and the disadvantaged in society, so that they have a fighting chance to make it too.

Connect with Han on linkedin.com/in/hankokkwang to build your Career Legacy!

If you’re serious about equipping your people to be recession proof, reach out to Han today at haninc@singnet.com.sg