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In a post-pandemic world, helping your people thrive in both current & future roles is good for your business. They give you an Unfair Advantage. Let us help you equip them to succeed in new Career Options in the video below, like what we did for over 100,000 individuals!

Taught 100,000+ Motivated Individuals

4 National Professional Excellence Awards

Professional excellence is something that is highly valued in various fields and industries.

20+ Countries

We are working in 20+ Countries to motivate the people in their goals to achieve successfully.

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Do You Want to Transform Your Life For Better?

Transformation requires taking an honest look at yourself and your current circumstances, identifying what you want to change, and then taking action to make those changes a reality. It may involve stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things, challenging yourself to overcome obstacles, and making difficult decisions that may cause temporary discomfort.

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As a professional service provider, I take pride in helping my clients achieve their goals and improve their lives. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with numerous clients from diverse backgrounds, and their testimonials are a testament to the impact of my services. Here are some stories of success shared by my clients through their testimonials:

Enjoyed the session thoroughly and Han is a critical reason for this.  (I do not typically like to attend courses that are more than one day but Han has made it very enriching and interesting).  Time really well spent.  Highly recommended!

Shoo Phar Dhie

I benefitted from the CDF Program because it helped me gain a holistic view of career planning and development for different people, not just for students but working adults. The training provided a comprehensive appreciation of the CDF system, tools, processes and resources which enabled me to be more proficient in leading my university career services and future developments.

Callum Morley

I learnt so much from the trainer, Han and from other co-learners/participants. Overall, I am very pleased with the learning and have the methodology and tools to use in my career facilitation approach.

Shoo Phar Dhie

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