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"Based on evaluation scores, Han is one of the Top Trainers in Problem Solving & Creative Thinking”
~ Ms Cynthia Chin, HR Manager, NTUC INCOME

"I've been reading through the student responses to the talk and they have been very encouraging. I think when students ask for more of the same, it really shows that they have received something valuable. All were very positive. Your marvelously interactive style really connected. So, thank you for coming."
~ Ms Esther Goh, Lecturer, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

"I’ve been to so many se minars and I’ve been pondering over a multitude of ideas, but this workshop really gave me a kick in the butt to just do it! Han gave us 101%, brainstormed with us and wouldn’t allow us to slacken or give up. I would recommend Han’s workshop to anyone who would like to be more successful than they are today”
~ Ms Carol Chua, Webmaster & Netpreneur

"The flow of Han’s presentation is very smooth and motivated. He is very organized and very good in time management. I like it”
~ Mr Ang Kah Chin, Course Participant at the Singapore Institute of Management

"The Facilitator, Han, is very good”
~ Mr Jason Cheong, Singapore Exchange Limited

"I’m delighted with Han’s workshop. It is practical, insightful and well worth the investment of time and money. Today, I see more possibilities than I ever imagined”
~ Mr Donald Wee, Experienced Sales Manager & Aspiring Entrepreneur

"This is the best course that I have attended”
~ Ms Rosniati Mohamed Said, NTUC INCOME

"The workshop has opened up my world. The follow-up sessions with Han will equip me with effective selling techniques”
~ Ms Vivienne Koh, Service Coordinator & Aspiring Entrepreneur

" Han’s workshop is about as close to the real thing as it can get, without the risks and the hard knocks. I really learnt a lot and it enabled me to jumpstart my learning curve. Good job!”
~ Mr Lionel Lim, CEO, Aurora Executive Solutions

"The workshop was conducted using an experiential learning approach where participants actually learn by doing. For those ready to embark on the journey to financial and time freedom, this workshop by Han is a must!"
~ Mr Kelvin Wong, Corporate Director & Author

"The guidance provided by Han at the workshop has put me on the right track. It opened up new ideas for myself. It is not a classroom-based training but rather, a GO OUT AND TRY approach”
~ Mr Ricky Purnomo, Scrabble Champion & Aspiring Entrepreneur

I"'m so glad that I made the decision to join Personal Mastery Resources' Infopreneur course. It has equipped me with skills to carve out a niche for myself, find my own marketing space both in Singapore and in the world, through the power of the internet.

I've learnt to expand my mind, stretch myself, to not be limited by my environment, my past, it's a knowledge economy out there, so we can leverage on what we've learnt all our life to create a new future for ourselves."
~ Joanne Lim, Founder, femmecoach.com

"After IMP I have learned that there is life beyond corporate life. The program provides the essential tools and skills that can help me confidently walk out any time from my job and survive in this competitive environment. The tips and advice are most effective and powerful. I have also learn how to write my book and deliver effective training program with ease. One of the best investments I have made till date, not to mention the only program that pays you as you learn)     

Han has unselfishly show me how to make it as an infopreneur and that there is more to life than work. Also one of the most effective 'Train the Trainer' program that I have ever attended. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to start out on your own business -  training, writing a best seller, coaching etc. I am already on my way to starting my business as we speak. Han is a warm, helpful and enthusiastic coach who is a rare-find in today's self-centred society. Participating in IMP is THE best thing that happened to me in my past 14 years of working life." 
~ Nik Chong, Human Resource Manager, Japanese MNC

"The IMP is a course with intensified curriculum.  The demanding practices and exercises prepared by Mr Han have definitely honed my facilitation and coaching skills.  The vast amount of research and sharing by Mr Han and the other participants have also enriched my knowledge and widened my exposure to the various aspects to being an infopreneur.  Besides elevating my confidence level in my upcoming plans, the skills and knowledge acquired has put me in good stead to apply in other aspects of life."
~ Janice Yeo, Principal Consultant, FamilyFocus.com

"IMP is about making things happen with the power of teamwork! It is action-oriented and delivers real results if you are willing to stay committed and undergo the ‘grinding’. I was transformed from a trainer wannabe to a trainer conducting LIVE workshops within a short-span of 1 month. Definitely not for the faint-hearted as compressed success comes with sacrifices. But if you are serious about becoming infopreneur, look no further, this is the course you have been waiting for."
~ Phoon Kok Hwa, Director, Business Development, Candid Creation Publishing,
Website: www.candidcreation.com

"I particularly enjoyed the practicum opportunities that the IMP provided within such a short period.  In fact, within a short 2-month period out of the 12-week program, there were so many learning points gathered from start to end in the delivery of the various public runs of the Weekend Entrepreneur Bootcamp (WEB )    -  from the planning and preparation of the course materials to the final delivery/coaching sessions  of this  newly-approved  Self-Employment Training (SET) program by the Workforce Development Agency, MOM.  

The fast-paced activities, the constant changing in marketing strategies, the  implementation plans to take optimum advantage of changing market forces,  the recruiting and batching of WEB participants,  the support of the team and the total immersion in the real world of planning and organising for the WEB runs  - all added to the invaluable and invigorating experiences that I had gained. This pioneer run of the IMP had given me exciting and memorable moments in this journey of becoming a Certified WEB Trainer. It was also a timely reminder that there were more to be done to transit from an employee to an effective and successful infopreneur."
~ Wong Mun Mun, Principal Consultant, Grow2Glow.com

"The IMP is not just another theoretical program on Entrepreneurship.  Here, I learn about the importance of optimally leveraging the talent base of my class to gain competitive advantage.  Accelerated learning methodology is employed and I am constantly been subjected to intense pressure to deliver.  

As part of the course requirement, I am expected to market and facilitate the course with two other colleagues. This program forces me to confront and overcome my inner fears for failure in facilitating an entirely new course. Solid positive reaction from participants marks the beginning of a liberating journey for me to be an `infopreneur and facilitator'." 
~ Adelaide Chang, Principal Consultant, Apex Leader & Associates

"Enjoyable, eye-opening and best of all mind-washing not included. Separate itself from other hard-sell promoting programs. Able to stir unbiased thinking to start."
Ng Hsien Loong, Ambious Studio Pte Ltd

"Really good edutainment. You will come away feeling jolted from your comfort zone and have the sense of urgency that you have to do something about your career goals. Well worth the time spent. Learn to see things from a new perspective and think "out-of-box”.
Justin Lye, In transition

"This is a very useful workshop. What I learn here are practical skills and is more useful than what I gain from other workshops that I have attended."
Willy Ong, Project Manager

"We have learnt how to maximize our times, ideas and even the trade of our best to create more revenue. Able to network and learn new things from classmates as well as trainer."
Fion Lam Yeng Yen, Business Owner

"It was an enriching and encouraging program both conducted by the trainer and also ideas that are shared among the class. Provide an opportunity for people from different walks of life to meet up and exchange views, pointers and give suggestions."
Gina Te, Sweet Peas International

"After going through the training, I am able to start a self-employed career with confident. I understand the importance of networking and would further improve my skill gap in order to achieve the target I have set. I am on my search towards a no job, no problem path and working on building a network to achieve an active income without a job. Well Done!"
David Tan

"Practical and honest sharing of ideas and fears! Good platform to launch and test ideas in a safe environment. Trainer is experienced and open to sharing. Sincere trainer."
Regina Chng, Discipline Dynamics

"A very rich and enjoyable experience. It’s also fulfilling to know there are people who share the same entrepreneur mindset as me. A lot of interaction, networking, sharing of ideas."
Ow-yeong Pui Ling

"This skill module is an eye-opener. Any one willing to leave their comfort zone can do anything they plan to do. Never fear to fail. Provide various models like Han ’s, DISC etc for me to follow and improve myself."
Madeleine Foo

"I will strongly recommend this course to anybody who is keen to start a business or self-employment. It gives me new perspective of being an Entrepreneur."
Andy Tan

"The course not only guide us on the methodology of analyzing the market opportunities, it also provides the participants an opportunity to networking. It is certainly a help to those who want to start their business. In my opinion, the lecturer and course participants are very sincere in helping the group. If possible, I will like to start my company, as a retirement job, at the same time to provide opportunity for those who are unemployed."
Tan Kai Hong, Sembcorp Engineers and Constructors Pte Ltd

"An interesting workshop that integrates the concepts in Mr Han ’s book "No Job, No Problem” and practical examples, exercises and advices."
Ng Ean Kian, Financial Engineer

"This workshop has benefited me in motivating my mindset to being an Entrepreneur. The knowledge I have gained is tremendous. Thanks a lot. It changes my mindset of not only being an employee but as an Entrepreneur to earn extra income."
Tan Chuan Hin, Rodney

"Through just a few days, it really open up a lot of unaware realities, weakness. A great help in knowing oneself, the tools and factors crucial to set/establish business, the market reality and at the end, difficult though it may be, the opportunities are wide and a lot for us to explore.

Excellent trainer. Knowledgeable, practical and encouraging. The course is great."
Wong Hou Liang, Lawrence, RSAF

"The course was very practical, well organized. The guidance has put me to right tract. After the course, I can see more opportunities and look forward to my future plan."
Florence Ng

"This course has opened up my path in achieving my goal from now onwards. Interesting especially to people like me, a housewife. It gives a lot of confidence and courage.

I would like to introduce other people and friends to this course."
Mdm Quek, Sally

"I have not really been through a traditional business. I just started freelance rock climbing coaching and is currently running my network marketing (MLM) business. Through this seminar, I discovered lots of useful, practical and simple tips to start off business at a low startup fee. The most important advice that struck me is "Play to your strength”. Because sometimes we try to do so much that we are so busy and that does not maximize the results! So I manage to learn to leverage on my strength to achieve my goals. Whoever that want to escape from boring job or the rat race, read the book "No Job, No Problem” and attend this seminar.

Very practical, hands-on tips on closing sales, approaching cold markets, searching for business opportunity, lively presentations, useful book with practical tips on how to overcome fear in setting up business."
Low Chor Li, Madelene

"I have a great time attending this workshop which allows me to share my ideas with all the fellow classmates and learn a lot from Mr Han (who I only know when attending the workshop), when, how, what before starting on a business. Great Han ’s model (DRIVE)! Trainer is very good.
Liang Eik Lan, Infonet System and Service s Pte Ltd

"Nothing venture, nothing gained”. It’s only when you attend this then you realized what you have gained.

Everyone has a dream but not everyone knows how to fulfill one’s dream. They need someone to provide guidance/direction and Han is definitely the one for you especially if your dream is to be an Entrepreneur.

Experienced trainer, experienced training gives impact to students."
Lee Yoke Yin, NUS

"The program is very informative, well-designed and down to earth.

Once a skeptic to starting a business on my own, this workshop has changed my way of thinking in exploring opportunities I have never thought possible. This program is not only practical in a real life situation but also useful knowledge for application.

Thumbs up to a very well conducted workshop on business startup and for Han ’s expertise in his coaching."
Edmond Ng, e-publisher

"This workshop helps me to think out of my box and know myself better."
Seow Ang tho Faith

"A course worth attending which allows one to realize oneself better and a place for networking with others who have the same drive to strive."
Estella Tan Hui Ping

"I enjoyed my sessions here. I learnt many interesting skills and knowledge from our trainer, Mr Han K. K. and our fellow coursemates regarding Entrepreneurship. I have just retired and am learning as much as I can from my business acquaintances. I will share whatever I learnt with my other friends. Thank you very much to the trainer, Mr Han."
Doreen Tan

"Sharing from participants is very useful which inspires us. The lunch time activity forces us to try out things which never cross our minds."
Ng GH, Statutory Board

"Would strongly encourage anyone who has plans to go into business to attend this course first."
Chua Peng Guan, David, NCS Pte Ltd

"The possibility of the internet and the vast opportunity for my business ventures. The SPEND formula gives me a clearer focus. Get result not reason. Trainer is very knowledgeable, helpful and professional."
Charles Loh, Business Owner

"It gives me an idea on how to start a business such as cashflow and gain confidence. Many factors to improve my niche and enlightened me with knowledge of business skill, especially on the networking, skills to communicate with stranger to survey during lunch and sale of Han ’s books and calls people on the business opportunities newspaper. Helps me discover my inner-self and strength. Widen knowledge to start a business. Increase my confidence."

"Achieve a lot from Mr Han in knowledge of using internet for marketing. This course teaches logical issues and trainer is professional enough to answer questions."
Say Peng Chuan, Business Onwer

"This course has met my expectations on getting started and look forward to the mentorship. Humour and refreshing to learn from other students on their experiences."
Clarence Ng Chee Yueng, IT Solutions Provider

"The actual experience of going out and achieving something. The survey is great."
Richard Ng, Managing Director

"Han is a jewel – Warm, sincere and generous in sharing his experience and knowledge."
Kana Gopal, Director, Media of Hope

"What did I like best about the workshop ? Han ’s Model!"
Ho Chee Mun, Business Consultant

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