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So what if you are not the CEO?

So what if you are not the ceo?

Secrets to Higher Pay & Purpose in 21 Days!

I am sure you’ll agree with me that business truly is a human endeavor, and this message is strongly reinforced in Han’s book. Don’t just read the book. Study it! Live it everyday! Apply the principles within to bring out the best in yourself and your people, and the business will take care of itself.

I’m really impressed by his uncanny ability to create and implement projects to help thousands of people who were unemployed. He has a grand vision. Way to go, Han!

William Arruda, the Personal Branding Guru,

"As always, Han Kok Kwang delivers beyond our expectations! His newest book, "So What If You Are Not The CEO?" is fresh, intriguing and inspiring. Han's ability to reach out to his readers and provide practical, actionable information for success is truly unparalleled in the job search industry."
~ Wendy S. Enelow, CCM, MRW, JCTC, CPRW
Author, Executive Resume Writer & Career Consultant
Founder, Career Masters Institute ( USA)

So What If You Don't Have A Degree? (#1 Bestseller)
(ISBN: 983-99497-2-1)

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So What If You Don't Have A Degree? Book Cover

What's the book about?
This book is reader friendly and will show you

  • how you can succeed without a Degree,
  • how to win in bad times,
  • how to stay motivated all the time
  • how to find your dream job
  • how to stand out at work
  • how CEOs got that way and much more!

What it can do for you: It will inspire you, encourage you, and guide you to find meaningful success.

- 4.5 stars on
- Times No. 1, Straits Times and Popular Bestseller, May 2000
- Raised more than $10,000 for the Spastic Children's Association of Singapore

Awesome book! An excellent manual for those who want to take ownership and succeed, with or without a Degree.
~ Gerry Robert, Best selling Author, Millionaire Mindset

Han 's book is a timely reminder that "A Degree is no longer a guarantee of success" in the new millennium.
~ Andrew Tan, CEO, AIA Taiwan (AIG Group)

Han 's book provides a huge amount of inspiration and motivation through his techniques and training for success.
~ A Judge from Writer's Digest (USA), 10th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards

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BEYOND BUZZWORDS (Best Manager’s Guide)
(ISBN: 981-04-4463-X)

BEYOND BUZZWORDS (Best Manager’s Guide) - Book CoverWhat's the book about?
This book will show you how to expand mindsets and explode returns, including

  • how to inspire outstanding performance from your people
  • how to internalize the 7 thinking skills of effective leaders
  • how to convert ideas into solutions
  • how to enhance your employability
  • how to expand your organization's market share and much more!

What it can do for you:
It will provoke you to "think outside the box" and create unique but effective solutions. All smart Managers should grab a copy before their bosses and competitors do!

- Raised more than $66,000 for the disadvantaged in the community
- 2 print-runs sold out in 3 months

Han has hit the nail right on - we are too obsessed with buzzwords and too little on follow through. This book is a wake-up call for us to go back to basics of what works. It is time to walk our talk.
~ Stephen Yeo, President & CEO, Singapore Computer Systems Ltd

Han 's latest book is a treasure chest of bite-size insights that works! This book is a gem in these changing and uncertain times!
~ Prof. Dr. Arthur Robinson, CEO, The Malaysian Business Breakfast Club Sdn Bhd

BEYOND BUZZWORDS is nicely crafted, with a lovely, solid cover, well presented layout, an intriguing title, and an author with solid credentials and good endorsements. Han 's spent a lot of time delineating his thought processes, and provides a lot of solid, practical advice that is clearly targeted towards a business audience, and beyond.
~ A Judge from Writer's Digest (USA), 10th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards

No Job? No Problem! (Bestseller)
(ISBN: 981-04-7240-4)

No Job? No Problem! (Bestseller) - Book Cover

What's the book about?
This book will show you

  • 21 insights on how to Succeed without a job
  • 11 strategies to make $100,000 and more
  • 39 practical money making ideas and much more!

What it can do for you:
It will inspire you, cajole you, and give you the courage to face your deepest fears & live your dreams, even as an employee!

- 2 print-runs sold out in 3 months
- Inspired more than 2,000 people in free public seminars to be their own boss

I know a great many people will be very, very grateful to Han for providing such a launching pad into a different world and a better life. Han , thank you for making a difference.
~ Stephen Tan , Director, Life Mastery International (Asia Pacific)

Clearly Han is establishing himself with this sound book and his others as the authoritative voice in Asia on self managing your work, your career, your future! He is inspirational and above all, pragmatic in his advice.
~ Paul Stevens, Founder/Director, Centre for Worklife Counseling, (Australia), Renowned Career Development Guru

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Book Review of "So What If You Are Not The CEO?"

By Chong Teck Siong, HRP (Singapore Human Resource Institute)

Results, not reasons. That is the crystal clear message from Han's fourth personal mastery instalment, "So what if you are not the CEO?" This is resonantly true especially for those of us who are caught in today's accelerating competitive world. We have to wake up to the fact that nobody owes us a living (or a job for that matter).The only way to thrive in such times is to produce results, whether you are the CEO or the store clerk.

The central themes of the book are self-reliance and resilience in adversity. It is targeted at those who are fed up with corporate politics, meaningless work and being handcuffed by unsatisfactory jobs. Divided into four sections, it covers:

  • Pay Matters (even for the CEOs),
  • Secrets to Higher Pay I (even if you are not the CEO),
  • Secrets to Higher Pay II (even if you don't have a job!), and
  • Secrets to Higher Pay & A Purpose-Inspired Life.

Each section deals with in-depth aspects of today's employees and job seeker's dilemma, and how to overcome them with unorthodox yet effective methods. For example, there is a 97% proven effective method for job hunting that gets the jobless hired in a very short time.

Han is one of the rare and genuine writers who truly care about his readers. The book is overloaded with timeless and no-nonsense advice and tips to help to you stay streets ahead of your competition. He not only dispenses pragmatic advice on work and life, like how to manage your job like a business and behave like a CEO of your job / life, even if you are just a clerk. He also pushes the conventional mental model of career / job to a new level by way of Han's Model and numerous other success formulas.

A section of the book is a distillation of his years of battle hardened experience, war stories of his success, failure and triumph over adversity and challenges. He even goes beyond that by sharing with you sound guiding principles to bring up your children in the face of tomorrow's challenges. A manual on holistic approach to work, life and family!

What I like about this book is that it speaks to you straight from the gut and does not sugar coat things. The book deals with specifics and does not dish out generalities like other hoards of self-help books in the market. Written in a succinct and lucid style, Han puts life in proper perspective you must take ownership of your problem because only then will you start to understand why things happen to you.

His voice came through as a sincere author who wants to see his readers benefit from his writings. In fact, his book had apparently saved a female reader from suicide! To encourage you to put what you have learnt from this book into practice, Han even throws in a 21-Day Challenge for anyone or group who can prove that they have achieved their goals at work or life in general. There is even a monetary reward at the end of it!

There is only one thing that I am disappointed about the book that it was not published earlier! That would have saved many of us the heartache and agony. In sum, everything happens for a reason, whether you know the reason or not. So the advice is to take control of your life before someone else does. There is hope for all of us! If there is one book you must have for your personal library, this is undoubtedly the one.

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